Senthil Theatre Number Of Seats Description Of Facility
Queen Circle 36 Double Seating Sofa
King Circle 165 Reclining Seats
First Class 259 Reclining Seats
Second Class 161 Reclining Seats
Third Class 70 Reclining Seats
Kumaran Theatre Number Of Seats Description Of Facility
Queen Circle 32 Double Seating Sofa
King Circle 34 Single Seating Sofa
Legend Circle 192 Reclining Seats
Second Class 86 Reclining Seats
Third Class 38 Reclining Seats
Food Court
Food is given a lot of importance in Senthel Kumaran Theatres. The quality of Food served be it hot puffs or a bottle of water is assured to be food safe, hygienic and well served, more as a default rather than by enforcement of rules. An important aspect that has stirred a hornet's nest is the enforcement of decorum within the theatre complex. No smoking, no spitting, no hacking of women, no stretching of ones feet on the opposite or neighbors seat, no damaging of upholstery, are some of the "don't do" rules that are strictly enforced, sometimes with the help of the law enforcing authorities. All these and many more have ensured peace of mind for the Cinema Goer and his family who frequent Senthel Kumaran Theatres.
Parking Facilities
We have car parking and bike parking facilities with security.Around 25 cars can park and around 200 bikes can park for 1 show. We have computerized parking ticket facility built in reg plate. We have around 15 securities working to secure all vehicles, without parking ticket no vehicles will be allowed out of theater. Need to show ownership proof incase if you lost parking tickets.
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